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Financial and Tax Impact Analysis

Incentive Capacity Analysis

Private Development Review ("But-For" Analysis)

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Developer Review and Negotiation

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Statutory Compliance Services

Tax Increment Financing/
Tax Abatement Services

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Springsted's Housing & Economic Development (HED) group is comprised of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in public sector implementation.  Our primary objective is to assist clients in developing and maintaining stable and viable communities by offering an improved quality of life through employment opportunities, a full range of housing options and an expanded economic base.

Our comprehensive services cover policy development, project management from concept through construction and performance, as well as selected, individualized services to meet a client's specific needs.  We specialize in development strategies, project feasibility studies, financing and business plan development, analysis and negotiation of the need and type of public sector participation and coordination of financing mechanisms.  In short, we help our clients turn concepts and goals into projects and achievements.

Projecting public revenue streams, coupled with our knowledge of the statutory requirements of the various housing and economic development financing tools, provides our clients a strong foundation for successful negotiations.  We have helped many clients directly reduce the amount of assistance requested by a developer while still achieving a successful project.

Springsted is an independent financial advisor and works exclusively for public sector clients.  We do not (nor have we ever) work on behalf of private developers.  Our advocacy on behalf of the public purpose enhances the client's confidence and ability to negotiate for positive outcomes.  Maintaining a courteous relationship with developers provides the most advantageous negotiation position for our clients.  Developers have come to respect our firm for its knowledge of their industry and the professional approach taken in utilizing public subsidy tools.

In an era of diminishing public resources, Springsted understands the critical importance of achieving the highest public purpose outcomes for the lowest cost.  It is our job to represent the client's best interests in minimizing risk and negotiating the appropriate level of public subsidy in a fiscally responsible manner.  We value lasting partnerships through building healthy communities.