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The 2015 Springsted Symposium in Review

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Springsted’s 20th annual symposium, “Passing the Torch: Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders…Today”, was held on November 12 at the Radisson Blu – MOA in Bloomington, MN.

The Springsted Symposium was established in the early 1990’s as a forum for state and local government leaders from across Minnesota, the Midwest and surrounding states, to listen and exchange views on the major policy, management, finance and development issues of the day.

Attendees are state and local government officials coming from all types of public entities. The participants represent predominately officials in management, finance, human resources and development, both at the professional and elected official levels. This year, our attendees included local leaders and professionals from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, New York, Texas and Montana.

The purpose of our Symposium is to give something back to our communities and to highlight the many contributions of their local leaders.


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