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Needs Analysis

Investment Design

Selection of Investment Vehicles

Selection of Investment Providers

Asset Allocation

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Springsted Investment Advisors (SIA), part of the Springsted family, assists clients in the prudent management and investment of their monies. SIA integrates its efforts with those of Springsted Incorporated, accessing staff as needed to provide clients with an optimal blend of specialized public finance and investment expertise.

SIA is a registered investment advisory firm*, staffed by licensed individuals with experience in the investment field. SIA is not a broker/dealer firm. As an independent firm, we can be completely objective in the investment advice we offer our clients. SIA has no relationship or affiliation with any brokerage firm, nor do we buy or sell investment instruments. In the investment process, we work for only one party to the transaction - you, the investor.

SIA remains independent and objective, able to advise our clients on the universe of available investment products, influenced only by your unique objectives.

* “Registered investment advisor firm” is not a designation nor does it imply expertise or an endorsement by regulatory bodies.