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Springsted Incorporated has been providing organizational management and human resources assistance for more than a quarter century.  Our services and staff expertise continually evolve in response to the dynamic changes taking place in local government.

Public sector employers are under a great deal of pressure to deliver high quality services in a fiscally constrained environment.  Now, more than ever, local officials look for professional help and guidance as they find the challenges they face to be more complex.  We have direct experience in managing, leading and assisting local communities at all levels and take pride in providing officials with creative, practical and cost-effective solutions to those challenges.

We have created an extensive practice, providing common sense ideas and solutions, as well as specialized skill with in-depth study and analysis on a variety of topics.  Each is customized to suit individual organizational needs.  Springsted's consulting services assist and advise local governments and public agencies on critical and important issues.  We are client-focused, adaptable and structured to meet and exceed anticipated needs and outcomes.