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In today's municipal bond market, Springsted's high quality financial advisory services mean being responsive to our clients' funding objectives, whether the issuance is straightforward or highly complex.  For relatively straightforward financings, our expertise yields efficient and cost-effective bond structures and sales.  For highly complex transactions, revenue-based, multi-modal interest rate options or derivative products, our expertise is reflected in the depth and sophistication of our analyses and market knowledge.  The quality of our comprehensive services is a result of a large and multi-talented professional staff, state-of-the-art analytical resources and time-tested systems.

As an independent advisor, Springsted has no relationship with any underwriting firm. In the bond sale process, we work for only one side of the transaction - for you, the issuer, as the seller of your bonds.

Unlike independent advisors, many underwriters work on both sides of the transaction and attempt to serve both the issuers and purchasers of bonds. The underwriter’s conflicting goals are to obtain the lowest rates for issuers and reap the highest rates for the purchasers of those bonds.

Our independent status yields the following client benefits:

  • Objective advice to maximize advantages for bond issuers
  • Free flow of information from all industry sources
  • Candid evaluation of underwriter proposals, with your best interests being foremost
  • Perspective for the long-term best interests of our clients, not simply a bond sale
  • Confidence that you have a professional resource working solely on your behalf