Utilities & Special Districts

Springsted has a long association working with utilities and special districts to assist them in both their capital and management needs.  Our utility and special district clients include water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, gas and electric utilities and districts both large and small.  Springsted's work is an important component of our full-service offering to clients.  We facilitate public-public and private-public partnerships in utility service provision and financing.

Our utility and special district financial advisory work encompasses a wide variety of products and services, from planning for new projects, structuring debt for optimal repayment terms and conditions, monitoring financial and covenant compliance to restructuring and refinancing assistance, post-sale regulatory and governmental reporting, and investment services through Springsted Investment Advisors (SIA).*  Our financing programs cover individual and joint agency entities.

Springsted has national experience developing long-term financial projections, determining revenue requirements and developing rate structures for utilities.  Our utility rate studies are specifically customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of each client.  They are a tool that enables the management team to take a proactive approach in planning for future operation.  The studies also assist in managing the anticipated impacts of factors, both within and outside the utility's control, that affect its financial performance.  This provides the client with the ability to manage the increase in revenues from user fees and other charges while concurrently understanding what is driving the cost side of the utility.

Springsted's extensive experience is available to assist you with your individual situation, opportunities and challenges.


*SIA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Springsted Incorporated