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Compensation Consulting

Comprehensive Classification
and Compensation Studies

Comprehensive Classification and Compensation Studies

Working closely with your team, we leverage our proprietary methodology to analyze and evaluate each position in your organization, benchmark jobs against your defined competitive market, and develop a consistent, equitable compensation plan that meets your specific needs.


Performance Evaluation Systems

High-performing organizations share with employees how their responsibilities contribute to the overall success of the entity.  Expectations for acceptable performance are documented and leadership regularly evaluates employee progress toward goals. Springsted can develop a customized performance evaluation system that is easily understood (at all levels of your agency) and provide training on how to effectively utilize the system.

The Springsted Compensation Consulting Group is staffed by former leaders and movers in the public sector. This uniquely qualifies us to understand your organizational and staffing needs, and to implement proven solutions.


Our proprietary e-Solutions help you audit and maintain the equity, costs and competitiveness of your compensation system.